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Merry Christmas to all… apart from atheists

Scrolling along my social network the other day, I came across this status “Funny that atheists celebrate Christmas” followed by someone commenting “That, dude, is materialism!” which had me thinking. As an atheist myself who celebrates Christmas, amongst many other non-believers, I feel as being non-believers, we are celebrating a time of year closing that has been labelled a Christian term. So we have more reason and a true one to celebrate it, the fact that it alludes to the biblical story only means that we disregard that as that is our debate and simply celebrate what it is become and actually is; a holiday season. 

So without getting into a debate, it is just simply a remark on it’s more of a holiday whether one brings religion into it or not. Yes ‘CHRISTmas’ obviously is taught upon religiously, only in the sense that from growing up it’s about Jesus’s birthday and the whole Nativity of it but without expertly commenting on it and its origin, it is most definitely to do with the closing of the year and the winter solstice too as I remember coming across something saying that Christmas day wasn’t actually Jesus’s birthday so the fact that we celebrate something on an individual day to suit the year’s end says something about that. 

Also how often do you see it actually linking to religion nowadays except from primary Religious education as it’s only that story they can teach, which is a whole other matter hence atheism. 

But the recurring point is, that it is a holiday season whether one wants to bring religion into it or not. And one could say it’s funny how, if it is about Christianity and what not then how come most, well certainly a lot, of ‘Christians’ don’t go to the midnight masses and church. Then on the other hand, the religious people that do that probably dislike the ‘materialism’ of it and how they ‘know the true meaning’ when really the ‘true meaning’, as many stories in literature not on a Christian side, denote it as a time for family, friends and bla bla bla and teach kids to not indulge in the consumerism of it so to speak.

So yes it may have materialistic connotations but so does every holiday, and that’s the point, it is a holiday. A time when people get a bit of time off and presents can be shared with a good meal and doing the things one likes on their time off. How good is that and isn’t that what every person appreciates and does regardless of your beliefs or non-beliefs? Just a food for thought for anyone, whilst you stuff yourself until there’s no more room on your turkey/chicken/non-meat Christmas feast, open up your many gifts or maybe one or just a card with a message, give any presents to others, and remember, that if it is all materialism, then every one of us is guilty, atheist or not. Merry Christmas and merry end of the year to all.

Atheism Awareness

I’ve never got into or had to get into a debate on religion and belief but I know if I did, I would fear of being preachy on my view as like any opinion and argument, you’re explaining why you’re right or why you think you’re right. And when I think of religion and the “does ‘God’ exist” debate, I do feel myself of being a bit arrogant as people with my view may be perceived as this, because it is seen as cynical. Even though in recent years there have been an increase in people who hold my view, however it would probably be fair to say the majority of the world are all in one unanimous view and as you would put it, religious. 

So as you’ve probably guessed the view I refer to having is atheism. Even stating that I am an atheist, I feel qualms because I may be an agnostic as the very latter denotes what I am questioning even on my own view, that uncertainty and uncertainty in belief. However I then go full circle and say, “no, I am an atheist” as the meaning of it is what I am, a non-believer in God. What the blurred distinction I conflict with in my mind is that I also think maybe I believe in a God, but in taking the name and not the meaning as using it as a representation of something greater in general i.e. nature to me could be God.

Even as a young child I felt a little different and maybe it was my close relationship with my father, who is a science believer, mixed with my genes from my father and my own adaptedness. And so me and my dad would debate God and he would teach me what he has learnt on his atheistic stance. I loved it and seeing our mutual affection, awe and fascination of science. I remember in secondary school, it annoyed me that I didn’t finish my R.E exam (which was one of the longest at 2 hours) because I think I went rambling philosophically in my answers. 

What has spurred me to write this is because earlier this evening somebody made a comment on not comprehending why some people don’t believe in something or thinking something doesn’t exist. Then there was a discussion about spiritual encounters and talks of ‘weird’ happenings with spiritualists telling them about their passed loved ones as they had recently lost people in the family. This girl had lost her father recently and obviously her belief is probably more significant as you could tell when she spoke of hoping to see him again. Sitting there as a non-believer (I say non-believer in terms of God but really you could say I am a believer, in my God, my belief in science and nature and reason) I was tempted to question something. But it then dawned on me with a thought that flew in my brain that I feel many other atheists may have had too. This thinking of a sense of guilt of the atheist view because these people were religious and speaking of personal ties of passed family members with their views. You do feel as an atheist, even though you have the right as they have to speak a view, to keep quiet as it would feel cold and discourteous to basically tell someone who is in grievance and an emotional phase to deprecate their belief and say why they won’t see their father again. 

The girl who was speaking and had lost her father said something along the thoughts of atheists not having something to look forward to after death and must lack an awe. I then posed the idea, as I explained many atheists do have awe and don’t fear death but rather accept it and the beauty of science. She then asked do I believe in God and there I said in a brief statement my non-believing in God and why I have this view and seeing death as a part of life. She and the other women as I knew accepted what I was saying and I knew there wasn’t going to be a tense debate as I didn’t preach (for want of a better word) and neither did they as I was asked my view and gave it. I didn’t have to get into one and even so, it was that thought I had that made me reflect that I did feel more cautious as of the nature of the views being shared. Yet they as they are speaking of unfortunate losses in their lives are still making their own statements. 

Just as in this writing, I haven’t gone into my atheist view and declared why billions of people are wrong because just like in speaking earlier to the girl, I don’t feel I have to and even though I would have a right, just like a religious person going into detail on their view, it wouldn’t interest me unless I was asked. Honestly I haven’t had a debate on it as far as I can think of at least not recently,and I would like to be prepared. I’ve just took debates with my father and youtubed (yes, I’ve coined that) obsessively other inspirational atheist people (Stephen Fry, Derren Brown, Ricky Gervais). Basically what they say is exactly what I have learnt in my own intelligent outlook (not meaning to sound egotistical) as these people resonate intelligence. It does have a correlation don’t you think is what I’m saying? I would urge anyone to youtube them on their thoughts and just even their shows. I would be tempted to end on the clichéd ‘everyone has the right to a belief’ and all that but I will end on a Gervais quote which I think is better.

Everyone has the right to believe anything they want. And everyone else has the right to find it fucking ridiculous.” :]

Why don’t you have a boyfriend???

Just like the name of the blog, weirdo and her words, this piece/diary entry/thought will probably showcase that name and remove all doubt or confusion as to why I chose that in the first place when joining Tumblr. If you look up ‘weirdo’ in the dictionary, or for instance type in Google ‘weirdo definition’ the first result on the listings is a snippet of information with this definition: A person whose dress or behavior seems strange or eccentric. Now I don’t know if I could be truly described of that meaning but then again who knows what my dress sense is perceived as. I’ve certainly been described as quirky and odd, even foreign (literally for foreign/odd looks, lovely) so I think I’m justifying why I can use the word. Truthfully, it’s a compliment really as different is… good… I think. And here is an ‘odd’ view I may portray and hold.

So as of quite recently and over the past few years I guess (but more so the last months that I can recall) I hear the question “Have you got a boyfriend?” which is a perfectly conversational question both for people who are genuinely interested when it comes to meeting someone or just for small talk purposes and are just merely interested. It’s the succeeding question that often crops up, after I’ve answered “no” which I should point out, that gets me. Again this can be just out of curiosity but a lot of times I see distorted expressions when saying it, (and I’m no behavioural psychologist but that portrays analytic intepretation of negativity and critique or unfathomable readings of my answer). To be fair they might not even really be intent on the perception they give. It’s the “why not?”, “and why’s that?”. Again some may ask in a genuinely friendly and curious way or when they are being maybe polite or flattering as if to be amazed. But it’s the overall impression of the fact people are concerned as to why one has no boyfriend/girlfriend. Like one should have one is the general consensus.

Which brings me to this. It’s like everyone around in life are always seeking a relationship and that the feel is that we should all be in one or indeed be searching for one for the near near future, whatever type that may be. It is like it is written to go out with somebody, see somebody and even as with any media focuses on, the obsession/reflection of the notion to ‘fall in love’.  Most songs, films, stories, poems, the majority of art is subjected to it. It’s reflecting life after all, that’s what art does. The old sonnets of Shakespeare, love. Every boyband that has been and is and will be, sing about love. You can stretch as far as to say every artist. What do they all have in common? Selling. It sells. Don’t get me wrong, there are some beautiful art made from it. I do love a chick flick, mainly because I’m fascinated by their story, and I love hearing a song about a real artist’s expression of something in their life, a connection. This is why it sells… ‘love makes the world go round’ doesn’t it?

What is love? I’ve answered that in a previous post, simply put, it is a connection. So maybe I contradict myself when I say I don’t believe in it, as it is a word that describes something as I’ve stated but it’s that whole concept of it, the ‘falling in love’ that I don’t believe. It’s like a fantasy. If love is something that is so divine and heavenly then why do so many ‘lovers’ part and will never share that connection they had with each other again, like they can just disregard or ‘move on’. Reality hits. There are couples who have been married for decades, yes, but even they all have a common link, the perception is or rather it just is, they joke about deprecating one another. They even admit the faults and as sugar coated as they make out, it is showing the cracks of truth that all is not happy ever after and a fairytale. Every comedian when stating they’re married or talking about their partners, it’s always the same joke, how it is the antithesis of happiness. And they know they will always get laughter as it echoes the relatvity of the joker’s comic rant amongst people.

People aren’t perfect, they say and so there you go, nobody can ever find someone who is and who is for them. So then is that really love? I’m simply just questioning the answer what is already known in this world, of well yes, it must be. Maybe I’m a pessimist but then again a realist. Maybe it’s because I’ve never been in love, or have I? I just don’t like the notion of making someone dependent on your happiness as once they’re gone, and they will go (ok that is pessimism but so) then you’re allowing them to take that happiness, which explains ‘heartbreak’. By not allowing myself to fall in love (even the words connected are neagtive, ‘fall’ see, it’s like you’re setting yourself up, well down, but as humans you don’t see that) then I’m never going to be hurt.

So maybe I’m afraid then or I don’t know I just don’t think about it. All I know is, is why can’t we enjoy the company of someone without having to state ‘being in love’ or getting married as things end and that’s just the way it is. So then my logic-seeking mind is probably why I don’t seek a relationship. I’ve truly felt no urge for one, maybe when I was younger when feeling to conform, which sums it up there.

So I’ve said and do say another answer to the question “why not?” that “I don’t want one” and felt I’ll never have one but yet I’ve had two. It just has to be natural and I can’t deny I’m a people pleaser and it is nice to try and make someone happy especially when they see light in you when all you see is dark.

Yes, I’m insecure, self-deprecating as humourous as I try to be with it and that is a contributing factor but so is I guess my weird mindset. And as I’ve said to guys, I truly mean it that I won’t be good to be around and it hasn’t just been a blow off, I just start honestly stating why not which is just cool, I know. As I stand there lightly saying as flattered as I am, I basically tell them what they are saying or asking is not true. Which is quite funny and I bet they have never had that reaction before. Again I’m probably not normal, I can’t do this ‘dating seeing someone’ thing. My first boyfriend I didn’t even think it was a date but I guess it was but in my mind it was not and I’ve always said I’m one of the guys, we’ll be friends. That’s it, I like male company and things get spoilt when the label comes.

Without going on even more, to go back to the question and this infatuation of why you don’t have a boyfriend. As I’ve rambled, and will leave with this clip from a film that sums it up too, (even with my second boyfriend I said, see watch this), and funnily enough people questioned am I gay which makes me laugh just like Zooey Deschanel’s character, Summer is when she says she doesn’t have a boyfriend in (500) Days of Summer.

So yes, this film, this clip.

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